Så laves der billeder (Foto: Sofie)

Saturday and Sunday, exact date is yet to be decided, both days from 09:00 to 18:00

NB: If you have previously participated in the 2017 version of this workshop, you should be informed, that this is new workshop, building from the previous In-depth Portrait Photography I workshop but adding a LOT of new content as well. In addition I am ALSO planning a second workshop for 2022 (most likely October) in Fine Art Photography, if you wish to be notified about this workshop, please fill in the sign up form, and check the appropriate checkbox.

A two-day workshop over the course of a full weekend, 18 hours with hands on work and talk about portrait photography, backed by the necessary technical information in a practical context. The workshop will take place in my 400+ sqm. photo studio in Copenhagen NV.

During this workshop, we will cover a wide range of topics like:

  • The technical aspects of lighting portraits
    • Using a wide variety of lighting setups and modifiers: basic, new and advanced
    • In-depth natural light portraits
  • Newer Pro gear and cheaper alternatives (the final image is key, not how we got there)
  • “Posing” (beginner and advanced) a portrait
  • Composition and framing of your portraits (thoughts and planning before a portrait session)
  • The personal nature of portrait photography
    • The advanced psychology of portrait photography
    • How to make people that think thet are hard to photograph  relax in front of your camera
    • How to build and frame a story in a portrait, with light, shadows and posing
  • The business-end of making money as a portrait photographer (from start to beginning)
  • Demonstration of a full workflow and post-editing of a couple of portraits.
  • Image critique and comments on portraits shot by participants during the workshop

Price this year will be 6.500,- DKR (there will be an early bird signup bonus) and will cover everything, including four models, MUA, assistants, catering and a boatload of valuable information and skills that will make you better and more comfortable with your portrait photography.

Participants will be leaving with some very strong portraits of hired models, that can be used for your portfolio and a set of skills, that help build your momentum in portrait photography.

There will only be room for 10 participants. We will be working in two separate studios with a multitude of different lighting setups, that will be changed throughout the workshop (which means you get to shoot a LOT), both in a small space environment and a full blown studio.


The workshop will be conducted in Danish as well as English. I am fluent in both languages and will be translating as needed.

The workshop doesn’t end after the two days. As a participant you will be invited to join a private group on Facebook, where I will encourage the participants to continue sharing images and to ask additional questions in the weeks and months following the workshop. My intention is not just to fill your heads with information, I would like to continue encouraging you to use the skills you will acquire during the workshop going forward, and apply the techniques you have been taught.

It is important to me, not just to fill the heads of the participants, but also to ensure – in a very practical sense – that the participants come away with a set of skills, that will allow them to begin or continue to build a business. With images that sell. A tightly packed program for 18 hours that is intended to make you a better portrait photographer.

At the workshop you will also receive a small booklet, with lots of notes and a number of practical and easy to use lighting diagrams, that you can use as reference after the workshop for practice or portrait sessions as you please.

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