Let me start out by apologizing to my English speaking friends and customers: The main focus of my websites are my Danish customers and clients for whom I do more than 90% of my work. It’s not that most Danes don’t read or speak English… actually most Danes are almost fluent in English, as we have been taught English in school from a very early age. But while English is easy for most to understand it is not our native language. Adding to that, I truly don’t want to seem pretentious to my Danish customers and clients, running a website in English as if to suggest that I am an internationally renowned photographer, doing most of my work abroad, and thus need to have a fully translated website in English.

As much as I love photography, I am truly not a huge fan of sitting at my computer all day. So I’ve made the choice to pick the easy way out: To use Google Translate to provide a translated version of my website. I know it’s not good. As a matter of fact, being fluent in both English and Danish myself makes it glaringly apparent, that Google does a terrible job of translating all the odd idioms I often use when speaking (as well as writing).

So it becomes the lesser of two evils, and while I apologize for the lack of a quality translation, I make no apologies for using the time – I would otherwise have spent at the keyboard – to create engaging portraits and storytelling imagery.

I hope that despite this, you will still be enjoying your visit to my website, perhaps to read a few of the articles I have actually written in English.

To turn on translation of my entire website into English, simply click here.

With best regards


Henrik Delfer, Photographer

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